Isang Yun: Königliches Thema (El Real Tema) 

Through The Lens of Time: Max Richter Four Seasons, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, Carlos Izcaray.

Mozart Violin Concerto in G Major: 2. Adagio. The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra, Joshua Weilerstein, conductor.
December 2017, Courtesy of MPR.

Bartok Violin Concerto #2, Eivind Gullberg Jensen, conductor. Balearic Islands Symphony Orchestra. January 2017.

(Complete audio below)

Brahms Concerto, Gustavo Dudamel, conductor. Simon Bolivar Hall, December 2014


Interview Stravinsky Concerto, Xalapa Symphony, June 2017


The Violin Channel '20 Questions' with Francisco Fullana 2017

Metamorphosis by JP Jofre, composer and bandoneon. NYC 2017